Landcare is a non-governmental community movement dedicated to preventing land degradation and achieving sustainable land management. It consists of a network of local volunteer groups of which there are over 1700 in New South Wales alone. Each group works to find local solutions to local problems such as salinity, soil degradation, animal pests, weeds, vegetation loss, waterside erosion, poor water quality, coastal degradation and urban land degradation. If you appreciate how lucky we are in the Helensburgh district to enjoy a relatively unspoiled bush environment you should also be aware that it is under serious threat. read more


Helensburgh and District Landcare Group’s involvement with Streamwatch

In 1997, Helensburgh and District Landcare Group committed to being involved in Streamwatch for three years. We selected four local creeks and we had eight volunteers. A team of two volunteers went out each weekend to test their nominated creek. This meant that each of the four creeks was tested monthly (with a few misses) for three years.

The then Hacking Catchment Management Committee provided the funding for the Streamwatch kit. At the end of the three years, the kit was passed onto a high school in the Sutherland Shire for student involvement in Streamwatch.

Unfortunately, our test results are missing from the original Streamwatch website. When we started testing there was no interactive Streamwatch website and despite several attempts to have the data put on the Streamwatch site, we have not been successful. Streamwatch is now part of the Greater Sydney Landcare Network.

We present the raw data for Camp Creek, Gills Creek, Kellys Creek and Wilsons Creek and also rainfall figures for the three years as recorded by one of our members. For more information on what it all means, please check out the Streamwatch website: www.streamwatch.org.au

Camp Creek
Gills Creek
Kellys Creek
Wilsons Creek
Rainfall Helensburgh 1997-1999