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Helensburgh Glowworm Tunnel

Helensburgh Glowworm Tunnel is currently open. However, it is very wet and muddy. Gum boots are recommended. Beware of trip hazards both outside and inside the tunnel. Please read below for what is prohibited in the tunnel and surroundings.

Helensburgh Glowworm Tunnel is a local treasure that houses a population of Arachnocampa richardsae. You can read information about glowworms here.

You can read information on the history of the tunnel and old station here. 

Glowworms are found only in Australia and New Zealand, and are not actually worms, but the larvae of a primitive fly – the fungus gnat.

Stranded by the retreat of the ancient Gondwanan rainforest, they only survive in dark humid places like this tunnel. 

The bioluminescence (meaning ‘living light') is produced by the glowworms. They produce long, sticky threads to catch midges, mosquitoes and mayflies that are drawn to their lights.

Glowworms only glow when they feed and their best displays are usually during the warmer, wetter months of the year.

Glowworms are very sensitive to changes to their environment. Exposure to lights, smoke and insect repellent stops them from glowing and feeding, and can kill them.

Helensburgh Glowworm Tunnel is usually open. However, it is always wet and muddy and if you are visiting it, you are advised to wear gumboots. After heavy rain, the tunnel may be flooded.

The following are prohibited in the tunnel and surrounding area

  • the ignition of flares, fireworks, steel wool or any flammable or combustible material
  • graffiti
  • smoking, use of insecticides or insect repellents
  • flash photography
  • directing torch light at the glowworms
  • the use of drones

For more information on the tunnel, you can email: info@helensburghtunnels.org.au

Please read the following basic tunnel rules:

This is a very special colony of animals. 
Please care for them by following these basic tunnel rules:
Shhhh . . . . . . 
Please keep noise to a minimum; they don’t glow when it’s noisy.

Point torches at the ground
You need light, glow worms don’t.

No Smoking 
The smoke can kill the glowworms.

Don’t use the camera flash
Use a night setting to get the best photos.

Don't apply any insect repellent 
Glowworms don’t bite or sting. Repellent can kill them and their food.

Take out what you bring in
Help keep our beautiful tunnel tidy. A garbage bin is provided on-site, and toilets are available at Helensburgh Train Station (during opening hours), or at Charles Harper Park (Cnr Parkes St & Walker St).

Quiet Please
Please do not disturb the neighbours; you can come and go but they live right next door every night.