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Giant reed

(Arundo donax)


ORIGIN: native of Southern Europe and Asia  

HABIT: small to medium upright, perennial grass

HABITAT: prefers wet soils such as riverbanks, drainage channels, watercourses and wastelands

IDENTIFYING FEATURES: small mid to bright green, lance-shaped leaves that taper to a point. Giant Reed grows to a height of 6m and leaves are arranged in two rows on lengthy tan-coloured stems, they are alternate and droop at the ends. The inflorescence is a dense panicle of creamy yellow spikelets that occurs in summer

FRUIT / SEED: by vegetative means only


REMOVAL TECHNIQUES: small infestations can be controlled by digging out the rhizomes. Larger infestations can be cut to ground level and regrowth sprayed with 1:50 glyphosate

RESPONSE TO DISTURBANCE: rhizomes respond quickly after fire